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Updated: May 31, 2020

So, you snapped away all those awesome shots of your kids opening up their gifts, family dinner get-togethers, or holiday what to do with them. No doubt many are stored on your phone, which means they're always with you. But, how easy is it to access and repeatedly enjoy on a small screen? Plus, what will technology be like generations from now? Will they still be accessible even if stored on the computer? I wouldn't want to risk losing those special memories. I'm still enjoying actual prints of my great-grandfather in Poland in the 1890's and my grandfather with his family in the early 1900's. So, I'm a huge proponent of converting the best images into prints or some product--a technology that will never go out of style!

Even if not prints, turn your favorite images that put a smile on your face into a ceramic coaster so it can be enjoyed everyday while offering a place to rest your favorite drink. Consider turning the most special images into a statuette, magnet, 2x3 accordion album, or even a blanket like my niece and her husband made for my parents. This is even more important if you've had professional portraits taken. If you put the money and time into such a process, it would be a shame to have all the digitals stored somewhere on the computer or phone that is probably rarely viewed after the initial excitement. Plus it doesn't have the emotional impact like a real product. Why do museums still exist if the artwork can simply be viewed on through the internet? Because seeing actual prints offers a very different artistic and emotional experience. Creating your own products can work, but you get what you pay for. Invest in high quality products either through what the photographer offers or what you do on your own.

Happy New Year!

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Some of the memorable 2019 portrait session images. . .

So your child needs to share out about her or his summer vacation at school. As kids are hands-on learners and love experiencing life, a fun way to jazz up the reporting is through cool and stand-out photos. This goes for teens as well who may think the school assignment is lame. Get their ideas on what would make an interesting and fun, but appropriate, report with pictures. Below are ideas on getting good photos and making them interesting for others.

Get Good Photos

Many personal photos are taken in harsh outdoor light or taken too far away from the person. So, first, take or use existing pictures of your child in a less lit area with the flash on your mobile or actual camera. This way, you won't get harsh shadows on the face and can actually see the person! Even without flash, some of the best looking photos are taken in places with soft light like cloudy days, under trees, sun behind the person, under overhangs.

LA Child Portrait Photography

Make Photos Interesting For Others

What may look cool to us, may not look cool to others. Make the photo pop. Look for something interesting outdoors and place the child strategically. For example, have your child stand on the left side of a waterfall instead of in front. Have the child run away from parent instead of the traditional line up looking into the camera. Get a close shot of the child.

Family Photography at Its Best

Have your child jump, run, get in a tree, dump water over themselves, make silly faces, strike a serious attitude look, etc.! Or pick the best of the photos you already have.

Fun and Artistic Child Portraits

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Updated: Aug 2, 2019

In this age of social media, people develop visual impressions very quickly. You can direct that impression by how you present yourself. To this end, strategically deciding on the kind of headshot you choose can significantly help your success.

Owning a camera and a flash is not enough. The strategic and artistic creation of developing the impression you want to communicate is critical. The look and feel will depend on whether it's meant to be casual, formal, entertainment-related, career, corporate, etc. Careful lighting, clothing decisions, expressions, positioning, and backgrounds will depend on your specific goal.

Be You. Be like your headshot. If the real You looks very different from, or not at all like, the image in your headshot, people will likely become confused and possibly mistrust you. Additionally, how will you set yourself apart from all the other headshots out there? More articles to come on different industry/headshot approaches and prep for both adults and children!

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