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Making The Right Impression With Your Headshot

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

In this age of social media, people develop visual impressions very quickly. You can direct that impression by how you present yourself. To this end, strategically deciding on the kind of headshot you choose can significantly help your success.

Owning a camera and a flash is not enough. The strategic and artistic creation of developing the impression you want to communicate is critical. The look and feel will depend on whether it's meant to be casual, formal, entertainment-related, career, corporate, etc. Careful lighting, clothing decisions, expressions, positioning, and backgrounds will depend on your specific goal.

Be You. Be like your headshot. If the real You looks very different from, or not at all like, the image in your headshot, people will likely become confused and possibly mistrust you. Additionally, how will you set yourself apart from all the other headshots out there? More articles to come on different industry/headshot approaches and prep for both adults and children!

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