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Documentary Filming Update

As some of you may know, I'm working on a documentary short including actors and producers Allan Wasserman and Merrick McCartha along with an award winning editor Michael Bruggemeyer. It's about my story of photographing individuals with disabilities and telling their stories and solidifying their legacies for future generations. Themes include diversity, equal opportunity, and inclusion.

The community has been reaching out…

Since the filming began and posting of images, parents and community members have reached out to me sharing their stories and struggles and expressed a wish for more understanding of those with disabilities and inclusion. Also, professionals from the entertainment industry have reached out to participate in the film!

Day 1 Filming

So much fun shooting and filming with this super cool family! The son, David, has autism and is a cast member on Netflix Love on the Spectrum. He has a job, girlfriend, and reminds others about important parts of life including sharing and patience. He enjoys sharing the facts. Including David's interests, hearing what he has to say about things he loves including lions and the musical The Lion King, taking breaks, and mixing it up with fun and meaningful looks with his family led to a fun session for him and his whole family! Hearing from the family about the importance of family photography and reliving memories of family members from the past through photos was enlightening and powerful. More than a pretty picture, photography keeps the stories and legacies of family members going on for generations! What story will future family members read in these images?

Short behind scenes of the filming and photoshoot...

Well, that's it for now. Please feel free to share with whomever you think may be interested in learning more. Please reach out and say hi at 626-590-4315 or

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