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Photography is much more than snapshots. To me, portrait and event photography is a work of art while I also aim to offer you a fantastic experience during the photo sessions. So, every time you look at your pictures, you smile, reflect on and re-experience that happy time. That's what my team and I offer you!

I've specialized for many years working with individuals with a range of disabilities and who are neurodiverse. Understanding how individuals think and communicate across many developmental levels, I enter their world as they lead me through their preferences, dislikes, strengths, needs, and wishes. I combine this developmental understanding with my portrait photography to create authentic depictions of them. Many times individuals with special needs, especially those with more severe involvement, don't receive the opportunity for portraits in order to personalize their homes and represent who they are as individuals. It is my honor to offer this experience. Including families in these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities can be so rare, which makes it my honor to offer such a unique opportunity to families of individuals with special needs as well. 

Similarly, family photography is a special and sacred moment. Many years go by without documenting this special connection that will survive life times and help individuals live on. It's my honor to work with families so they can stop and just enjoy their images hanging in their home, office, or any other personal space.  

I greatly enjoy capturing all the special moments of events, which last forever well after the event is over. Memories and moments can be enjoyed over and over again by you and future generations! During your event, I'm always on the lookout for that feeling and moment that many times is fleeting or others don't notice at the time. It's about awareness and timing. I take care of this so you can focus on and fully enjoy your special event!

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