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Documentary Short

Disability in Focus

I'm excited to tell you about my documentary short that's in the process of being filmed! People have mentioned that my story in photographing those with a range of disabilities would make a fascinating documentary. So here I go! Below is a short trailer about the film, mission and vision of the film and ways to support this unique and educational journey. Feel free to email or call to say hi or ask any questions!

Citrus Fruits


​Through the power of photography my goal is to....

  • Provide equal opportunity, equal access, and inclusion to creating personal stories and legacies 

  • Educate the general population about individuals with disabilities, their challenges and strengths, and overall implications for their family, themselves, and socially.  

  • Showcase the similarities between all people and can-do abilities instead of just differences, and challenging the dichotomous thinking of people who “can” and those who “cannot.” 

  • How I've learned so much working with a sector of the human population and their families who people tend to not understand, make assumptions about, and do not see.


 Scott Gutentag has worked as an educational psychologist for 30 years with individuals with disabilities including intellectual disabilities, autism, and physical differences. He decided to blend his understanding of psychology with professional creative photography for individuals with a range of disabilities in producing artistic images and thus, telling their stories and creating legacies for future generations to enjoy. 

Citrus Fruits

Grateful for Your Support

We would be honored and very appreciative of any and all of the following:

  • Any amount is appreciated! You may do so on our GoFundMe site by clicking on the image to the left. Helps with editing, music, equipment, and importantly film festival submissions to get it seen.

  • Share our fundraising link, story, and social media posts with friends and family!

  • Follow along on our Instagram, Linkedln, and Facebook pages: @scottgutentag for project updates, behind-the-scenes photos, and some special sneak peeks… 

  • Spread the word about what we are creating.

  • And of course, enjoy and share the film once released. 

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